You can't buy LOVE but you can RESCUE it!



     We are a handful of ladies who love dogs. Separately, we have all been rescuing and rehoming dogs in need for years. All of us have shared the dream of having our own rescue organization.  At our first meeting in early 2017, we discussed our personal goals and what we hope to achieve together.  Meredith shared her knowledge from working with other local rescues, assisting at Westside Animal Hospital and currently being Dr. Brubaker's "right hand man".  With Meredith's wealth of knowledge in how to run a  rescue organization and everyone's mutual desire to save dogs, we knew we were on the road to making our goals happen.   

     Shortly after that Meredith Trout created Barkabull, we opened a Facebook page (along with BarkaBull's Foster Network page) and we were off.   With passion, drive and more than plenty of dogs in need of homes, we have been busy! Each Saturday, we hold an adoption event at The Burrowing Owl (a vegan dive bar), from 2-5pm. Our dogs come from owner surrenders and we also travel to high kill shelters from California, Kansas, New Mexico & most recently Texas.  Many of these shelters have very little foot traffic and they  are most always at 100% capacity. We do not have a kennel so our small group of foster volunteers is the only reason we can save lives. Each week we get at least 3 requests from owners looking to rehome their adult dogs. With 60 years combined dog experience, we first try to help them keep their dogs. If that doesn't work, we will happily feature them on our pages and  get them neutered/spayed, UTD on vaccines and  place them when their perfect home is found.

    Together, with community help, we believe we are making a positive impact in our world. What more can you ask for in life?


Owner Surrenders

How BarkaBull works in regards to owner surrenders: 

     As many of you know, the majority of our dogs come from high kill shelters, they are the dogs most in need and in imminent danger.  Finding fosters to care for these dogs is the number one hardest thing about rescue. So what fosters we do have, usually have their homes full with dogs from the shelters.  Because of this, we do not have foster families without foster dogs. So typically we do not have open foster homes for owner surrendered dogs. 

      When someone reaches out to us as an owner surrender, we ask that they become the foster for their dog until the dog is adopted. We will vet the dog if needed and then have it come to adoption events and put the dog on our website. 

     Some important things we need to know about the dog prior to accepting it into the rescue is: what vetting would need to be done? How is the dog with other dogs, kids, cats, other people, etc?  Once a dog is a BarkaBull dog, liability falls onto BarkaBull so we cannot have just any dog under our rescue. 

     Some people cannot be the foster to their dog and need it rehomed quickly, more then likely we cannot help that person in that situation.  If someone offers to care for a dog for the owner while a new home is found, that person can be referred to us to become a potential foster for the dog. 

      It would be very helpful if these things can be figured out when suggesting BarkaBull as a place for an owner to reach out to when looking to rehome their dog. This will help cut down on some emails, as we get many every day!


Meredith Trout

Pitty & Chihuahua lover. mom

The Bull part of Barkabull is because Meredith has a soft spot for Bully breeds. She truly has a way with them and a deep understanding.  She knows, loves and trusts the bullys with her 3yo son. Big G (Gsus...yes that's the correct spelling) is Meredith's blue pit that came from a California shelter emaciated and weak. He flourished in her home & is now topping the charts at 110 lbs of Blue beauty. 


Jes Unruh

Rescuing dogs for as long as she can remember, Jes says she's honored to be part of BarkaBull. Her quote is "Saving one dog won't change the world, but it sure will change the world for that one dog"".